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Why Your Business Doesn’t Have to Be on All Social Media Networks

When you hear all of the self-proclaimed social media “guru’s,” they tell you that your business NEEDS to be on every single social media platform. And to your dismay, you create accounts for your store on every single platform, without a clue why you need to.

Yes, in order to get the type of traffic you want on your brick and mortar and or Marketplace store, you must have a social media presence. But you don’t need to be on every single one. Just have a presence on the social media accounts that makes sense for your business.


For instance, if you own a store that does handmade jewelry, it makes sense for you to have an Instagram, Pinterest, a Facebook account, and maybe a YouTube if you do videos. You could have a Twitter to share quick blurbs on the sales you’re offering, but it’s not really necessary. As far as Snapchat, it’s a yes and no situation.


For your actual business, though you create business accounts on the other social media accounts, it does not need a Snapchat account. But for you as the owner, you should have a Snapchat account depending on your target market.


Like going back to the previous example with the handmade jewelry. If your target market is women between the ages of 19-25, you as the business owner should be on Snapchat so you can share secret insights of making the jewelry or special online sales for your viewers or for instance. Snapchat will give you a little more of a personal connection with your customers, which will make them love your business that much more.


Point being, your business – or you in the case of Snapchat – should only be on the social media accounts directly related to your target audience. If your target market is young, go on Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. If your target market is middle aged, get on Facebook and Twitter.


When you understand this, it will not only be less stressful on you and or your social media person, but it’ll grow your business (store and online) that much more!


We wish you much success

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