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Where Art & Beauty Collide: Featured Seller Hayley Ferreira


“People have no idea what they put on their body!” This is one of the main reasons why Hayley started her natural, homemade skin care business BeautyGanics.

Prior to starting her business, she was a muralist for 16 years doing art for Blue Moon Beer, Trader Joe’s, and for various others in Northern California. But once she had her first child in 2013, Hayley saw a lot of the harmful chemicals that are in skin products like lotion, soap, and other bath products and felt that they were harmful to not only her child but to herself as well. Once she realized that, she decided something must be done about it. And that’s when BeautyGanics was born.

In 2015, Hayley decided to combine her love for art and the well-being of her children and the planet to create BeautyGanics, a company that has the mission of only using organic, sustainable, and fair-trade ingredients. She makes everything from soap and lotion to facial creams and whips that are all made herself with natural ingredients. Since starting her business, she has dozens – and much more to come – sales on Etsy, has many of her products sold in various local stores in Northern California, and her items are now featured on our Bloomforth Marketplace.

When we spoke with Hayley and asked her about her future plans for her company, she said that although she’s proud of the progress she’s made thus far, she wants to continue to grow and for her products to be sold in local stores. Additionally, she hopes to bring more awareness to the harmful chemicals that are in skin care products that we all use every day. “We all need to educate ourselves and how to use products that are good for us and good for our earth.”

We also asked Hayley what would be the biggest piece of advice she would give to small business owners and entrepreneurs, she said: “as long as you’re passionate about something, whatever you’re doing will work out in the end and you will be successful.” Based off of her advice, she is not only succeeding, but she’s truly impacting the world with her deep care for what we put on our bodies. And if you’re impacting the world for the better, that’s all you can really ask for.

You can find her products on the Bloomforth Marketplace here:

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