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Could You Be Getting More Out of Your Point-of-Sale Platform?

By Megan DeMatteo

We know the adage well.

Time, as they say, equals money.

But what do you do in a world that seems to be running out of both?

One of the reasons that we love what we do here at Bloomforth is that we get to empower small businesses like you. We believe in disruption, and we like to provide the technology that helps you sell your product easily so you can focus on living the life you want.

When you’re in control of your time, things flow more freely. Money comes when YOU need it, and you have the resources to spend on what makes your life better.

If entrepreneurs are not mindful, forces like cumbersome technology, triple-entry processes, inventory errors, and miscommunications could be consuming your precious time.

Here are four ways that your Point-of-Sale system might be taking up all of your time:

  1. When your sales history & purchasing decisions don’t match. Have you ever ordered inventory only to watch it collect dust in your shop? If you are not reviewing your monthly sales history, you could be leaking precious dollars on items you aren’t selling, PLUS the time it takes to reorder the ones you needed all along.
  2. When your price points aren’t tailored to your customers. Do you take the time to notice who is buying what before you offer an incentive? For example, a loyal customer might not have the funds to make a big purchase, but they might love a subscription service for products with a lower price point. This popular model makes it possible for millennials and working adults to treat themselves monthly without breaking the bank. And, most importantly for you, it guarantees predictable revenue. Without a POS system that tracks customer history, those “spaghetti at the wall” promotions waste time and effort.
  3. When reconciling inventory is a jigsaw puzzle. When you use a POS system that doesn’t communicate across platforms, there is a lag in when something is sold and when it is removed from your inventory. With an Omnichannel platform like Bloomforth, your inventory is updated the moment a transaction is made.
  4. When invoicing takes up your whole day. Have you ever spent hours drafting custom invoices using outdated templates? We have, too, and we want you to stop immediately. Bloomforth’s invoice system is a breeze, and payments link directly to your bank. No need for further complications.

Why is this so important?

Because, well, we want a healthy world. And that takes healthy, happy people. We believe that when you are in the flow of your life, in control of your time, and earning what you are worth – everyone benefits.

Interested in getting your time back?

Utilize Bloomforth’s Omnichannel Point-of-Sale system for retailers and wholesalers.


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