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Wellness in the midst of chaos

The Holiday season is upon us, meaning that as a small business owner your stress is pretty high up. Even without the holiday rush, simply being an entrepreneur is a difficult task. You are your business, so if you’re happy then your business will have the opportunity to flourish. You maybe thinking I have no time to rest, look at the time, or I have a million things to do, did I eat?

Well you need to carve out time for yourself and your peace of mind

  • Your calendar or phone can do the simplest task of scheduling a specific time every week in order to set some time for yourself and the ones you love. It could be as simple as merely taking a walk or scheduling some netflix time. You need a break to make sure you won’t burnout, most of the time that urgent thing you’re working on can be delayed a little.
  • This is going to sound odd, but focus on one positive thing everyday. You can celebrate the small and big achievements so long as you acknowledge it. Look for the positive, and view the negative as an opportunity to work on something the next day.
  • We romanticize the life of the entrepreneur and small business owner, it’s not as easy as it looks. When those times of fatigue and doubt come in, think of why you started this journey! You have a passion, a vision, and a goal to achieve. Nothing worth having is easy, those sacrifices will pay off in the long run. If they don’t at least you had the courage to fight for what you believed. My mentality has always been, starting over isn’t easy to do, but it’s worth it.
  • Take daily breaks to eat, walk around, energize, or simply 5 minutes to meditate. The idea is to focus inward for a short bit and check in with yourself.
  • Have a set do not disturb time, meaning cut off the notifications on your cell after a certain time and recharge.


What other tips do you think we missed, let us know!

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