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Tips for Selling on a Marketplace

Selling online is the future of retail for independent retailers and small business. Now that’s not to say that brick and mortar is dead, but in today’s day and age you need to be online. Selling on a marketplace is a great and easy way to reach millions of potential customers. So here are some tips to help you sell more online:

1) Ship as quickly as possible

Delighting your customers can go a long way. And a simple way to do that is to ship out items as quickly as possible. Nothing is more satisfying than receiving something you bought as soon as you can. This simple act can build customer satisfaction and leads to lifelong customers, great reviews, and raving fans.

2) Make your product descriptor as clear as possible

No one likes searching for the perfect item only to discover that what you bought wasn’t even close to what you were looking for or that you will still need to buy additional parts to make the product work. So to avoid any backlash make your descriptions as clear as possible. Make sure your customers know exactly what they are getting; eliminate any confusion

3) Also use relevant keywords in product listing

It all goes back to customer satisfaction. So using relevant keywords helps eliminate confusion and makes your customers searching easier. It also establishes you and your brand as trustworthy. But even more important than that, if you are using keywords in your product title and a description, your product will be invisible and lost behind hundreds of other products.

4) Creative packaging

You might be in a crowded market so set yourself apart from everyone else. And having creative packaging can give you that differentiation from your competitors. It also helps build your brand. A little personal touch goes a long way.

5) Avoid using generic photos for products

Even if your description is accurate and if your title is matches your picture should match as well. You want to avoid having someone just look at your product picture and assume that it’s what they want.

It all comes down to customer service. If you are delighting every customer you are increasing your chances of more sale, more customer loyalty, and better brand awareness. Use these tips and you will see your sales increase.

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