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The 3 C’s of Blogging

The ultimate rule of content creation is and will always be to keep a continuous schedule of content. Which leads to a little discovery that I call the 3 C’s of blogging and social media.


Create. Content. Continuously


Why? Aside from allowing for direct communication with your clients and future partners, it also allows your site to gain more visitors. Statistically websites with blogs tend to have 434% more indexed pages. Indexed page means that it’s a site that has been categorized by search bots i.e spiders for Google. These bots systematically browse the web to create web indexing which result in your search results. The better the index, the closer to the top that results that website becomes in the search result engine results. The more content you have the greater your (SEO) search engine optimization. The better your SEO rating becomes, the easier your story can spread to new users.

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