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Take Control of Life and Enjoy It: Featured Seller Angie Beltz

“People are too stressed today and often neglect the need for themselves. By not taking care of themselves first, they lack compassion, patience, and quality of their lives.”

This is the main purpose that drove Angie Beltz to start MeFirst4Us, a business centered on relaxation while recharging and soothing the mind. She sells various products such as candles, lamps, and spa baskets to help you relax and recharge from those hard, stressful days.

Angie started her business in April 2016, fulfilling the dream she had since high school of creating her business and becoming independent. She also enjoyed the idea of being a mentor to young women. Since starting her business, she has sold hundreds of her products all over the country, with every one of her products receiving 5-star ratings on Etsy from happy customers talking about everything from how quickly she ships, the high quality of the items, and their smell.

But when you talk to Angie, the main thing she wants to convey with MeFirst4Us and her products is that while we all have busy days with the many things that need our attention, we need to take time out for ourselves to relax and sooth our minds so that we can recharge our minds to achieve our goals. Angie is living out this mission every day by taking time out of being an exec with a Fortune 107 company and being an entrepreneur her to birdwatch and be with her family in her home state of Florida. After she recharges, she gives out 110% to her dream of running her own business.

When you ask Angie about what advice she would give to up and coming entrepreneurs who want to sell their passion, she says to “enjoy life and create your own destiny with your passion in mind” while taking control of life every step of the way. By looking at Angie and her business, she is definitely doing something right by not only successfully passing on her message, but by being a great mentor to all women who want to achieve their dreams by balancing both being a leader at a top Fortune company, being a mother, and a successful entrepreneur.

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