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Quilts Made with Love & Honor: Featured Seller Sara Peal


Sara was just a typical seamstress making items for friends and family for almost 20 years and served a decade in the U.S. Navy. But she later decided to combine her love for sewing and service to create Zabe’s Quilts.

Zabe’s Quilts began in 2015 and is dedicated to making great quality, Thin Line quilts with a special colored line within the quilts to honor those who made the sacrifice for civil service for the United States as well as traditional quilts like baby quilts and family keepsakes.

Sara is dedicated to making quilts that are more than just something that keeps you warm on those cold autumn evenings. She’s dedicated to creating a tangible memory to remind you of those great times and something that you could possibly pass down to future generations.

Not only does Sara make great quality quilts, she also provides great customer service, receiving an average of 5-star reviews on Etsy with extremely happy customers on the quality of the quilts and fast shipping. And with over 400 sales on Etsy, Sara is making people all over the world happy by providing special, handmade memories for their loved ones.

You can find her quilts on Etsy, Amazon Handmade, and now on our Bloomforth Marketplace. You can check out her store here:


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