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Organize your inbox

Email is that beautiful and critical tool that makes or breaks our day depending on how packed our inbox has become. That being said we’ve all fallen prey to the disorganized inbox that has wasted endless time that was supposed to go towards other tasks. Here we have a simple short guide to manage your inbox!


There are numerous programs dedicated to the simplification of your email. However, one size does not fit all. You need to decide personally what format and filing system works best for your professional needs. That being said, the easiest place to begin is by creating general primary categories to then make subcategories from them, i.e projects, meetings, and upcoming deadlines. Once that’s been set you can create subcategories to file away any important related emails.

One key piece of advice would be not to overdue a number of categories, don’t overwhelm yourself!

Time Management

Email can take the entire day to tackle depending on the business of your inbox. There should be set times in your day to deal directly with any incoming messages. It’s also important to use the two-minute rule. if an email will take less than two minutes to read and reply to, then take care of it right then and there. Any longer, then it can be set aside for a later time. Try not to let important emails sit in your inbox for too long, for longer emails you can respond that you’ve received the initial email and you’ll be in touch shortly!pexels-photo-265152

If you’re going to take longer or you’re swamped by a massive amount of email, you should craft an outgoing message. This great example by Tim Ferriss author of,’The 4-Hour Work Week’

“Due to high workload, I am currently checking and responding to e-mail twice daily at 12:00 pm ET [or your time zone] and 4:00 pm ET. If you require urgent assistance (please ensure it is urgent) that cannot wait until either 12:00 pm or 4:00 pm, please contact me via phone at 555-555-5555.”


Countless newsletters and promotions can clutter your inbox, don’t be afraid to unsubscribe!


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