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Marketing Corner: Landing Pages

What is a landing page? Landing pages are used to drive visitors towards conversion by getting them to click through to a specific action. What could this specific action be? Well, it can be anything from signing up for a service, subscribing to your newsletter, or any other goal you decide on.

Why is this different than your homepage? Well, your homepage is an introduction to your site and purpose. Where your homepage creates interest the landing page is a call to action, so your homepage can’t be your landing page.

What makes a great landing page? Well, we have some points for you to think about before getting started.

  • Define your goal – pinpoint what you want your LP to achieve and stay consistent
  • Generate action with a CTA – make it clear to your LP visitors what they should do, buy, sign up, etc..
  • Write killer copy – give your LP visitors reason to read further
  • Use images
  • Be sure to highlight the value to landing page
  • Don’t be afraid to be direct and go for the hard sell
  • Be sure to always be willing to constantly test your landing page and keep trying to test new things.

Here’s a more in-depth snapshot of some ways to create a better Landing Page!

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