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Let your Data Speak


This is the time of your to rely on your beautiful data to tell you the story about your store. Time to analyze and identify your customer behaviors & trends to respond and optimize what you are delivering to them. Let them help guide to run your business more efficient this holiday season.

Listen to your data:

  • What products/categories have sold the most this year?

To identify your customer behaviors & trends this year 

  • Use your data to the max. Try to create customer segments in order to better target them. Study your data & try to understand what your customer wants & needs in order to better cater to them this holiday season.

For example: top spenders, gender, interest, inactive, active, purchasing sales only, etc.



It’s all about them!

  • You heard this over and over, but not a lot of stores nailed this. Trust us! We know. – Strive to make your customer experiences more personalized.
  • Make it easy for the customer to find and browse your best gifts. Then INSPIRE them!
  • Create gift guides – make sure you lay it out at every corner of stores and make it extremely easy to access for the customers. Inspirational gift guides are everywhere you can look them for inspirations before creating some for your store.
  • Offer a week-long promotion – use your past year & current data to determine which categories to offer deals. Offer different deal each day to give your customers reason to come back!
  • Offer free gift-wrapping
  • Offer last minute Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve
  • Load your store with some basic snacks & drinks – give them a reason to linger around longer!

You can never be too prepared

  • Learn that you can never be too prepared.
  • Gather data from the last five years, preparing yourself with the knowledge to be better this year by tracking & implementing new plans and strategies from the start. This will you in a great place to jump-start the holiday season and set you up for success next year.


About Bloomforth:

We offer an omnichannel for your store(s). You can access data/reports at any time and anywhere in the world.

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