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How Small Business Owners Can Succeed with Snapchat

Snapchat can grow your business exponentially, giving you, even more, exposure than other social media platforms with its growing popularity among teens and young adults.

Knowing this, many well-respected entrepreneurs like Tai Lopez, Brandon Carter, and Gary Vaynerchuk, and others like the NBA, People magazine, and Wall Street Journal are using it to their advantage, growing their businesses in the process.But even though these entrepreneurs are succeeding using Snapchat, people are struggling to understand how it can be used for business purposes.


Now it understandable why most people feel this way. They think that having a business account on Snapchat isn’t necessary, and they’re right, cause it’s not. But what they don’t see is that having a personal account that you feature your business on can really bring the massive attention you want from this generation of young adults and teens for your small business.


But in order to bring that massive attention similar to Gary Vaynerchuk and Tai Lopez, you must use these three tips that can you as a small business owner to grow your small business into the most popular attraction in town!


  • Be Yourself: Yes I know it sounds cliche, but it deeply applies here. People will gravitate to you and follow you on Snapchat if you are just being yourself (and of course if you tell people you’re on there). People are genuinely curious about the owners of their favorite products and store and want to see a glimpse of what it’s like to be them. Knowing this, you as the small business owner can use it to their advantage, which leads to the next tip.


  • Feature your Current and Future Product(s): Whether you’re using or wearing the product, take a picture or video on Snapchat showing your current product(s) in use so you can give those who may have never bought your product before or knows exactly what it does or how it looks in use more of a reason why they should invest their time and money into it. Brandon Carter of Bro Laboratories does this extremely well by showing him using his pre-workout supplement Rebellion in unique ways like chugging it down or making weird faces when he’s mixing it. You can do the same for future products by showing quick snippets of a new product being made or show the behind the scenes of it being launched on your website. By doing this, you’ll give the direct behind the scenes your customers want.


  • Give Secret, Special Sales: People love to have things that no one else can get, and Snapchat is probably one of the best avenues to give your followers just that. On your Snapchat, you can offer a random sale strictly for those who view your story (Snapchat jargon) by using a special code on whatever you want for a limited time. Afterward, you can talk about the sale – after the sale is over of course – on your business social media accounts and express how you do this strictly on your Snapchat at random times. Doing this will give your followers the incentive to follow you on Snapchat and see if they can capitalize on their favorite items.


Don’t knock Snapchat and think that it can’t be of use for your business because with this social media platform,your business can grow to levels beyond your dreams.


We wish you much success.

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