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How an Artist Can Utilize the Bloomforth Marketplace

The new Bloomforth Marketplace gives the passionate and creative artists and artisans an online platform made specifically for them to grow their business and connect directly to their customers. It’s like Amazon for small, independent businesses. Sounds exciting right?

We are excited for you. We want your business to grow to that astronomical level you dreamed of by using this platform, and in order to do that, you need the right steps to utilize it effectively.

Here are the two steps you as an artist or artisan need to succeed with the Marketplace:

  1. Post Your Work on the Marketplace: Once the Marketplace launches, you can create your account and start posting your work on your store without having to worry about a listing fee.


  1. Use Your Social Media Accounts to Link Your Work: After posting your work on the Marketplace, use your Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and or DeviantArt accounts to display your artwork or photos and place a link to your Marketplace store in your bios and posts.

Apply these steps and your community, and maybe even the world, will be just as passionate about art as much as you are.


 We Wish You Much Success.

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