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Bloomforth Tips for Customer Loyalty!

By Matthew Valenzuela

As a small business, keeping customers walking through your doors is usually priority number one. In order to do this, there has to be something special about your shop to attract people back. Most business owners think that it is their products that really makes them different but the truth is that the customer could probably find the same product online elsewhere, for even at a cheaper price. The real reason why these customers keep coming back is for the experience and of course, the customer service. Customer loyalty can be built in many different ways, and while there are no clear cut methods that work 100% of the time, there are steps that every small business retail store can take. Some simple and easy steps to follow that we take here at Bloomforth to increase our customer loyalty are as follows

  1. Constant Communication: We realize that there are other options out there for almost any product on the market, but we want our customers to know that we are the best choice for them. We have a steady flow of information that comes directly from us to our customers in the forms of emails, newsletters, blogs, and daily social media posts. These channels allow our users to keep up with BF news & trendy tips in the retail world
  2. Great Customer Service: This is a step that all businesses must take seriously. Having great customer service means creating an environment that customers feel comfortable when they are at your shop and that they can enjoy their time whether they buy something or not. For us, we fill the needs of our users by having an outlet for them to ask any concerns or questions that they have with our systems. We also have materials in place that will guide our users through the entire set-up process. Our goal is that if there is ever be a problem that occurs that we will do our best to resolves issues within minutes, if not seconds!
  3. Provide some customer incentives: In retail stores, creating buzz around sales and rebates could be crucial to bringing in the new audience into the store, and converting them into loyal customers. For brick and mortar stores, creating this buzz for an upcoming sale can require some extra effort, but it will be worth it once customers start flooding in. There should be signs around the store promoting the dates that the sale is happening, as well as new ads on your company website that can promote it online. If your company has social media then that is also a great way to reach customers that are not visiting the physical store regularly. Staggering these marketing techniques to build up the hype about the sale is a great way to put a little pressure on the customer to buy before it is too late!

Don’t forget to smile!  Ultimately, a nice smile and happy face are going to be the first thing a customer sees when they walk into the store and the last thing they see when they walk out. Customers remember experiences. Having employees that can brighten someone’s day or helps them to feel better leaving the store will always be a key.

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