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Based in Springfield, VA, Beryl’s Cake Decorating & Pastry Supplies is home to cake decorating & pastry supplies from all over the world. Beryl Loveland’s store has become a cornerstone of the baking community. What sets her business apart? The style and supplies of the of the store are European based giving a distinct look and quality to her products. The exemplary customer service delivered by Beryl has allowed a feeling of confidence and comfort that customers are constantly coming back. Considering that the store is based in cake decorating and pastry supplies, there’s a very distinct clientele that has allowed Beryl’s Cake Decorating & Pastry Supplies to flourish. Her top selling products are chocolate transfer sheets and cupcake cups with various designs. Beryl is looking forward to someday franchising her shop and is expecting growth for the upcoming year. Check out Beryl’s shop and sign up for her bakery classes; let her knows that Bloomforth sent you!


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