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4 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Achieve Your Goals

Ever walk into work and think to yourself…. “today is just not my day”… “I’m too tired to work”…“I just can’t do it today”?

Of course you have! But you’re not alone. People all around you have to fight to find the motivation to keep moving forward through work and other aspects of life.

Sometimes you need a push in the right direction in order to get your day started. Here’s some tips that could give you that little push you need!

1. Show up to work in a Good Mood: Waking up and coming into work may be one of the hardest parts of your day, but making sure you step through that door in a good mood could be the most important thing you do. Having a positive state of mind will have a direct impact on your performance in the workplace, which will help raise your dopamine levels and improve your cognitive performance. It’s how your body works!

Little things like a nice hot cup of coffee, jamming to your favorite song on your commute, or taking some time to watch a motivational video can make a difference when it comes to showing up to work in a good mood and having positive energy, which leads to the next tip.

2. Manage your Energy, not your Time: Throughout the day, you are going to have peaks and valleys where you feel a rush of energy, then feel drained afterward. It is important to understand what causes these dips and bursts of energy and understand how you can control them.

Let’s take the way professional athletes train for example. When these world-class athletes work out, one of the best ways to maximize their performance is with interval training expending small bursts of energy, followed by periods of rest to get that energy back. No one can go full speed all day or your tank will be empty before you know it. Understand when you need to hit the gas and when you need to slow down.

3. Tell yourself you can do it: Yes this is exactly what it sounds like. I want you to tell yourself out loud that you can do it! When your driving in your car on the way to work, or when you wake up and are brushing your teeth, look yourself in the mirror and say it like you mean it, “I CAN DO THIS!”. We have so many thoughts going through our head all day that it helps to say them out loud, especially thoughts that we want to turn into reality.

If you are confident in yourself, you will display confidence in the workplace, which will pass that energy to others around you will feel that energy and create a positive environment . Your mind is the strongest thing about you, so if you truly believe what you say, and are willing to put in the work and stay focused, your mind will make it happen. That’s a guarantee.

4. Celebrate Success: Once you’ve reached your goal, big or small, make sure to celebrate and enjoy it. Every day of life is a gift and there are times you need to slow down and see how far you’ve come. Now I am not saying to go out and party every time you clock out of work, but you should reward yourself after a serious goal is accomplished.

Success is not given… it is earned, so remember to be proud of yourself and celebrate your victories!

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